Here is my friends websites, hope you’ll enjoy them! Follow them on twitter, and let’s take a beer all together at the next conference :D

  • Tomtombinary: Tomtombinary’s website is focused on low level stuff and CTF writeups.
  • Haax: Haax’s website deal with articles about privacy and best practices. You can also find CTF writeups.
  • ENOENT: ENOENT’s website talks about cryptography, reverse engineering and other low level stuff.
  • Creased: Creased’s website is focused on his project (network, hardware, lot of things).
  • Areizen: Areizen’s website talks about offensive security stuff and cryptography.
  • Laluka: Laluka’s website is focused on security stuff, writeups, low level in general (and he is sharing love).
  • Zeecka: Zeecka’s website deal with his pentesting, steg and password leak stuff.
  • _ACKNAK_: _ACKNAK_’s website talks about pentesting stuff and his OSCP journey.
  • Geluchat: Geluchat’s website deal with tutoriels on advanced offensive security stuff.
  • Driikolu: Driikolu’s website deal with adminsys stuff orentied cybersecurity.

After friends, organization website.

  • Apéri’Kube: French Student CTF team, 11 peoples that shares love and stupid things!
  • Hack2g2: French hacklab in Vannes (France), we are sharing knowledge, point of view and learn things.