Real Gs move in silence like lasagna

In this article, I will introduce you to Odie’s misfortunes. Odie is a final year student at ENSIBS Cyberdefense (France). He is also the biggest fan of the famous band: Iron Maiden. In addition to that, he built a small fan website for them on his Virtual Private Server. Given that, Odie is a poor student, he only owns one VPS for his tests, courses and others stuff. But, Odie comes from the most prestigious school in cyberdefense, then he knows how to protect himself against awful hackers… Well, almost.

Feeback of European CyberSecurity Challenge 2018 final CTF

Introduction In this article, I’ll share the whole journey that lead me to this event, not just the CTF in itself. It is a totally subjective point of view, so the “jump to section” tool might come in handy if some parts seem useless to you. First of all, I’ll start by catching up on the “Nuit du Hack” event, where it all started for some of the members of the Apéri’Kube, Hexpresso and Inshall’hack teams.

Feeback of Black Hat Europe 2017

Introduction First of all, thanks, Black Hat to win places for a student! I filled the annual survey and that happens, it’s crazy! Then, me and 3 my friends (see below) went to London! @GregoireMolveau @razaborg @L4rg0_W1nch All briefing was interesting, but the most impressive one was on Intel ME from Mark Ermolov, Maxim Goryachy and Dimitry SKLYAROV I’ll present this article by day and briefing. At the end of each briefing, I’ll add a personal point of view.